You are starting with an obvious and agreeable assertion: "Questions that aren't off topic shouldn't be moved", but really your issue is with what's on-topic. This is a loaded question: anyone who disagrees with you is now suggested as supporting the opposing viewpoint: "Questions that are on-topic should be moved", which is wrong and absurd. If you want to ...


Apparently the feature to set up migration paths is not available to "beta" sites (found in a footnote in this discussion of migration).


I didn't know that, Rob. If there is a way for a mod to change this, I am not aware of it. However, before we migrate a question, we usually ask permission first in the site's chat room. I did that a few days ago on this question (also in chat.electronics.SE), but nobody said okay. And there were not enough flags, etc. by others to close it. However, a ...

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