We currently have and tags, with three questions in each and none tagged using both.

has no tag wiki currently, whereas has the following:

Questions about acronyms, words, phrases, or other terminology specific to amateur radio.

Frankly, I find the distinction somewhat confusing. Do we really need both tags? I expect there to be a lot of mis-tagging if we have both. For one, JOTA is most definitely not a common-radio term, but rather amateur radio specific, yet is still tagged rather than the appropriate (as it is amateur radio specific). Also, if as an asker you've come across a term that you don't understand and want to ask about, how would you know whether it is a general radio term or an amateur-radio-specific term, to be able to tag the question correctly?

I do realize that there will be some questions which are about one but does not fit into the other, but really, do we need both these tags? Personally I think we could do quite well with just one of them, at least to begin with. It's unlikely we'll get so many such questions in such a short period of time that retagging would constitute an insurmountable effort.


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It seems like these are a clear cut synonym. I would just use .


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